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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Realigning with Core Values: Finding Purpose Beyond the Glass with David Walters

Have you ever felt like you want to drink and not want to drink at the same time? Have you ever felt like wine is getting in the way of meaningful connections with the Lord, your hub, kids and others? And at the same time you feel like wine is the thing that’s connecting you to your hub, and girlfriends so you can’t imagine actually doing anything about the wine situation? These conflicting thoughts can be crazy-making for sure, but they’re not crazy! You are not crazy.

And you are not alone. This thinking kept us both stuck in the drinking cycle too. Until we discovered the real reason we had these conflicting thoughts; when we were drinking wine, what we said we valued wasn’t actually aligned with how we were showing up in our lives.

This realization was uncomfortable, yes, and it was the necessary first step to hope and change.

What are our core values? Are they aligned with our actions? Why is that important? How do we even know what our core values are? And what do we do when we notice that our actions and behaviors are no longer aligned with them? For a thought-provoking conversation around these questions and so much more, we invited everybody’s favorite pastor, David, back to the studio to share his wisdom and guide us around the topic of core values and the importance of them when applied to different areas of our lives.

Pastor David shares his five core values related to faith, family, fitness, finances, and friendship. He elaborates on what these values mean to him and how he uses them as a guiding framework for making decisions and prioritizing different aspects of his life. He also talked about the significance of surrounding ourselves with friends and relationships that support personal growth and align with our core values.

This thoughtful and engaging conversation about core values, personal growth, and the importance of aligning our lives with our values, is a must-listen for anyone who has felt the rub and internal conflict of wanting to drink and not wanting to drink all at the same time. With David’s wisdom and our practical tips for change it is our hope that you will leave this episode feeling a renewed excitement for taking the time to slow down, look up and bring attention and intention to all that you do.

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