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The Freedom of Choice | Special Guest Allison Barber

Allison Barber shares her profound journey to sobriety, shedding light on the complex evolution of her relationship with alcohol. Growing up as a rule follower, Allison felt the societal pressure to conform and fit in, leading her to question why she couldn't simply be a "normal drinker." However, amidst this struggle, she discovered the empowering truth that she had the freedom to choose – not only whether to drink or not, but also how to break free from the grip of alcohol's influence. This newfound agency went beyond the decision of whether to drink, empowering her to break free from alcohol's grip and take charge of her life. Through embracing personal responsibility, she transcended victimhood and paved her own path towards becoming the empowered woman she longed to be.

With introspection and faith as her compass, she found solace in the profound realization that God was redeeming her story, transforming her struggles into a source of strength and resilience. She encourages our listeners to understand how being an observer of one’s life can lead to empowerment and the ability to make small but meaningful changes. Allison offers so much hope to women who feel stuck by encouraging them to have the freedom to take personal responsibility and make change.

You can find out more about Allison here.

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