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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Recovering Reality: Freedom from the Torment of Addiction with Erik Fredrickson

Our friend and guest today, Erik Frederickson, is a fellow Jesus follower, coach and author of the newly-released and incredible book, “Recovering Reality: Freedom from the torment of addiction.” We invited Erik to join us on the pod because he, like us, believes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to freeing ourselves from the substances and everyday addictions that take up the space in our lives and in our hearts; the space that is only meant for the Lord. Erik generously shares his incredible journey of recovery from addiction and his path to faith in Jesus.

Erik’s journey began in his teen years with a desire to fit in and at a time of rebellion against his religious upbringing. He shares how prescription pain-killers from a routine dental procedure greatly contributed to the early onset of addiction to drugs and alcohol and the years of arrests and unrest that followed.

What was Erik’s breaking point leading him to seek help and enter a treatment center, marking the beginning of his transformation journey? How did the loving-kindness of new friends influence him to be open to learning about Jesus? And how did a growing relationship with Jesus, the power of daily routines, morning meetings, and surrounding himself with a supportive community guide him on his recovery journey?

Through his story, Erik, emphasizes that recovery is a process that involves creating new patterns of thinking and behavior. He also highlights the importance of not waiting for a "rock bottom" before seeking help and the value of educating oneself about addiction. We were delighted and inspired by our time with Erik and we hope his journey, highlighting the significance of seeking help, embracing spirituality, and being committed to personal growth in the recovery process, will bless and inspire you too.

To learn more about Erik and the work he does visit his website here. You can find him at YouTube and instagram @recoveringreality and be sure to pick up a copy of his newly-released book here!

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