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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Faithful Transitions: Navigating Growth, Friendship, Faith and Sobriety in Community Pt. 2

Join Meade and Christy as they delve into the second part of their conversation centered on the importance of community with the launch of the But Jesus Drink Wine Community, exploring the intersection of faith, personal growth, and community support. From the challenges of outgrowing friendships to the impact of FOMO on social media, they offer insights on living intentionally and embracing change. Learn about the transformative power of Meade’s P.E.A.C.E. method and the importance of drawing near to God while engaging with others in meaningful dialogue. This episode is your guide to navigating life's transitions with grace and authenticity.


  • Creating a community for Jesus-curious/Jesus followers and those on an alcohol-free journey is important for support and connection.

  • Outgrowing friendships is a natural part of personal growth and should be celebrated.

  • FOMO and comparison on social media can lead to feelings of lack and discontentment.

  • It is important to explore other possibilities and challenge the shoulds in order to live with intentionality. Use Meade’s P.E.A.C.E. method (Pause, Exhale, Allow, Consider, Engage) to navigate emotional charges and discomfort.

  • Consider other possibilities and don't assume what others think.

  • Don't base actions on others' opinions.

  • Allow yourself to feel and explore different perspectives.

  • Living differently can be a superpower and lead to personal growth.

  • Be the first to make a change and inspire others.

  • Draw near to God and engage with the community.


1. Introduction and Announcement

2. Launching the But Jesus Drink Wine Community

3. Creating a Community for Jesus Followers and Jesus-Curious

4. Feeling Left Out and Fitting In

5. Growth and Pruning in Friendships

6. Acknowledging the Discomfort of Letting Go

7. Navigating FOMO and Comparison on Social Media

8. Challenging Shoulds and Invitations

9. Embracing Other Possibilities

10. Meade’s P.E.A.C.E. Method: Navigating Emotional Discomfort

11. Considering Different Perspectives

12. Liberating Yourself from Others' Opinions

13. Cultivating Curiosity and Allowance

14. Embracing Uncomfortable Spaces

15. Harnessing the Power of Living Differently

16. Leading Change and Inspiring Others

17. Questioning the Desire to Conform

18. Inside Out Transformation: Journeying toward Authenticity

19. Drawing Near to God in Community Engagement

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00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

00:31 Exploring the Struggles of Fitting In

01:13 The Pain of Exclusion and the Desire to Belong

01:59 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

02:44 Role-Playing: Navigating Social Situations as a Non-Drinker

03:39 The Power of Perspective: Reframing Your Thoughts

07:36 Introducing the PEACE Method

10:46 The Importance of Community: Introducing the But Jesus Drank Wine Community

11:48 The Power of Transformation: From the Inside Out

13:52 The Value of Deep Connections and New Friendships

15:32 The Struggle of Being the First Mover

17:24 The Freedom of Not Fitting In

22:39 Conclusion: Embracing the Uncomfortable and Discovering Your True Self

23:54 Closing Remarks and Invitation to the Community

The creators, hosts, and producers of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast are not healthcare practitioners and therefore do not give medical, psychological or professional advice nor do they intend for the podcast, any communication on behalf of BJDW or otherwise to be a substitute for such. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed in any mention of and/or linked resources are those of the authors/owners of those resources and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast team or guests of the show.


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