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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

The Bob Goff Effect: Tapping into a Spirit-Filled Life

Get ready for an incredible episode as we sit down with the one and only Bob Goff, a true inspiration in living life to the fullest. Bob, the adventurous soul behind “Love Does,” “Everybody Always,” and “Distracted," joins us to share his wisdom on embracing the journey, dreaming big, and showing yourself some grace along the way. Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and ready to tackle your dreams head-on!

In this heartfelt conversation, Bob encourages us to take that first step, even if we're not fully equipped. With personal anecdotes from his adventures, he emphasizes the importance of deep roots and understanding our unfulfilled needs. Bob's message of grace over self-accusation resonates deeply as he urges us to be kind to ourselves and extend that kindness to others, especially in unexpected places.

As we journey through navigating mistakes and challenges, Bob's practical wisdom shines through, offering a strategy for handling missteps and reminding us to focus on what comes next. From playful farm adventures to embracing childlike faith, Bob's stories inspire us to live with anticipation, curiosity, and resilience. His personal journey of leaving behind a successful legal career serves as a powerful reminder to break free from limitations and embrace change for a more purpose-driven life.

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