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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

From Dual-Addiction to Sobriety: An Inspiring Freedom Journey With Sober Girl Tribe’s, Kristen McAvoy

Updated: Mar 8

Today’s episode is an inspiring and powerful story from Kristen McAvoy, sobriety influencer and founder of Sober Girl Tribe. From party girl days in college to Covid isolation struggles, Kristen opens up about her decade-long struggle with addiction to alcohol, later compounded by Xanax use. Her journey began in college, where she sought freedom and rebellion, slowly drifting away from her Christian faith, ultimately leading to excessive drinking to cope with social anxiety.

Despite facing consequences, Kristen's addiction continued into the corporate world, with a dangerous combination of alcohol and Xanax. She recounts the escalating severity of her addiction, reaching a point where she felt the need for the prescription drug to cope with debilitating anxiety.

Kristen shares a pivotal moment when her parents intervened, leading her to a rehab in Florida. Despite initial resistance, the experience became a turning point, and she eventually embraced sobriety. She emphasizes the crucial role of community in her recovery, citing the support of fellow recovering individuals and her strong faith.

What started as a simple instagram account, Sober Girl Tribe, designed to encourage and inspire others in the sobriety journey has evolved into a thriving online community where Kristen considers it a privilege to walk alongside those struggling with addiction, emphasizing the importance of reaching out for help, finding a supportive community, and practicing patience and self-compassion.

Today’s conversion serves as a testament to the transformative power of “recovery” in the freedom from alcohol journey and highlights the strength and resilience gained through navigating the path to sobriety. 

You can find Kristen and her adorable mini-goldendoodle Maggie over on the ‘gram @sobergirltribe

Connect with us on Instagram! @imnotsoberimfree @lovelifesoberwithchristy

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