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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Do We Have To Say Forever When Quitting Drinking?

The fear of ‘forever’ when quitting alcohol is a common concern for many when exploring sobriety. And it can be a significant barrier to even daring to look at our relationship to alcohol because of the long-formed belief from traditional quit-drinking spaces that say alcohol must be eliminated forever. But do we have to say forever? And what does ‘forever’ when it comes to quitting drinking even mean?

In this episode, we dig into this common concern and barrier, emphasizing that this journey is not as much about quitting alcohol as it is about changing the desire for alcohol. When we change our desire for alcohol first, not drinking then becomes effortless.

So how do we tackle the ‘forever’ story? Listen along as we discuss the importance of setting the goal around how we want to feel, rather than setting behavior-based or physical goals. And while new information about how alcohol affects our brains, bodies and lives is critical to transforming our relationship to alcohol, equally as important is how we take that info and apply it in our lives.

We highlight the value of support and the experiential knowledge gained through this journey that allows us to really understand if alcohol is actually taking more from us than it’s giving us. We also discuss how the fear of failure is often what’s underneath our fear of saying forever and how developing a mindset of curiosity can help overcome it.

Ever wondered how long it takes to develop the confidence and empowerment as a non-drinker that allows us to naturally and effortlessly pass on the vino at girls’ night, vacation, or at the end of a long day? How does transformation along the sobriety journey parallel transformation in the spiritual journey?

This hope-filled conversation not only answers the FAQ do I have to say forever but also highlights how the sobriety journey is about so much more than quitting drinking, opening opportunities for self-discovery, intentional living, and a deeper relationship with ourselves and with God.

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