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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Behind the Bottle: How Alcohol Hijacks Our Mental Health, Sleep & Taste Buds. With William Porter.

On the latest jam of "But Jesus Drank Wine," we're hanging out with the amazing William Porter - the genius behind 'Alcohol Explained' (and its sequel). William has a serious gift for taking all of the sciencey jargon about alcohol and making it relatable and easy to understand.

We're diving deep into the nitty-gritty of how booze messes with our minds and bodies. Have you ever wondered why you're so zonked out after a night of drinking, even though you slept for 10 hours? William's got the scoop on how alcohol loves to party crash our REM sleep. And for all of us who've thought about giving alcohol the boot, we chat about how long it takes for our sleep to get back on track.

For anyone who's ever said, "But I actually LOVE the taste of wine!” we're breaking down how our tastebuds work and how, over time, we become conditioned to the taste.

We also tackle how the "spiral of craving" makes our lives less enjoyable. To wrap things up, we touch upon the evolving landscape of sobriety and the booming 'sober curious' movement. William champions the idea that anyone can explore an alcohol-free lifestyle, regardless of how much they’re drinking. Join us for this illuminating conversation and gain a new perspective on alcohol's role in our lives.

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