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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

What's Rachel's Story?

Today’s conversation will not disappoint as we welcome Meade’s former client and dear friend, Rachel, to share her freedom from alcohol story.

We recorded this episode in late January and found out only this week that Rachael has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Meade recorded a beautiful intro explaining the links between breast cancer and wine, and we will likely have Rachel back to talk about her battle. But today's episode is all about how she found freedom from alcohol.

What did Rachel’s life look like back in 2020 when stuck in the drinking cycle?

What stories were the hardest for her to untangle?

What are the best things about living alcohol-free?

What do her kids say about what is different now?

Our hope for you at the But Jesus Drank Wine pod is that you’ll walk away from these conversations feeling a little lighter, a little more curious and a whole lot more HOPE for finding freedom from alcohol–or whatever it is that is keeping you stuck in your B- life.

Because YOU were created by our loving Father for so much more!

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