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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

What is shame and why are we talking about it? With Special Guest Pastor David

We talk a lot about the stories around alcohol that keep us stuck here on the pod. But what we haven’t covered much yet are the stories about ourselves that are driven by shame and contribute to our “stuck” with alcohol, other unhealthy habits, tendencies and everyday addictions. While there are tons of psychology-based resources on shame that can help us in our understanding of it, no conversation about shame is complete without the origin story of shame as told through the biblical narrative.

Where does shame come from and what is it? How does it affect us in our everyday lives? How does it affect our relationship to alcohol? And what are some practical ways for rewiring our shame narratives to walk in freedom? Just like we do by bringing awareness to our alcohol stories, if we courageously bring awareness to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves we can journey to truth, freedom, and peace.

For this conversation, we invited everybody’s favorite guest, Pastor David, back to the pod to walk us through it. Shame by design is an uncomfortable subject to talk about because it is used as a means of turning us away from God and others. But we aren’t afraid of the uncomfortable convos here at the BJDW pod and we hope you will find hope in what we share today. We invite you to listen along and join us in the convo over on Instagram.

*Programming note - Christy received news of a family emergency in the middle of recording this episode and had to leave in the middle of recording. Thank you for listening! xx

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