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What does freedom from alcohol look like for former Miss USA, Kristen Dalton Wolfe?

Updated: May 19, 2023

We love connecting with women who are boldly and confidently living counter-culturally whether free from alcohol as a non-drinker or as followers of Jesus. Today’s guest, Kristen Dalton Wolfe, does both beautifully and it was such an honor to chat with her and hear her story.

Kristen is a mental health and life coach, motivational speaker, author, former Miss USA and leads a women's ministry called, She Gathers L.A. She’s also mom to three kiddos and lives in L.A. with her husband, Chris.

Listen along as Kristen shares how a vision and a plan to become Miss USA created a path for her in college that looked different than most — without alcohol. And then hear how (like so many of us) fitting in socially became an easy opening for alcohol to take up space in her life after achieving her goal of becoming Miss USA.

Kristen shares how easily baby compromises can end up becoming bigger compromises. And she shares some of the stories that kept her stuck, such as, “I deserve wine because I’m such a good Christian” and, “Wine is fancy and elegant and helps me relax.” Find out what prompted Kristen to finally change her relationship with alcohol and what her life has looked like since.

Finally, you won’t want to miss why Kristen says a vision and a plan are our greatest tools for living a life with intention and purpose. And be sure to catch today’s invitation for a tiny TINA (tiny new action). We loved this conversation with our beautiful new friend, Kristen, and hope that you will too!

You can connect with Kristen at and on Instagram @shegathersla, @kristenjdalton. Also be sure to grab her book The Sparkle Effect: Step into the Radiance of Your True Identity.

Thank you for listening! xx

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