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What Do I Do About Fear and Anxiety? Special Guest Edition: Christy Boulware

We had a beautiful chat with Christy Boulware, founder of Fearless Unite and author of Nervous Breakthrough, Finding Freedom from Fear and Anxiety in a World that Feeds it and we’re so excited to share it with you today. Hear how Christy’s painful and beautiful story has become her purpose and how she uses it to help others.

How did she go from being a superwoman to staring at guns on her bedroom floor? How did a nervous breakdown lead to a breakthrough and what are the “aftershocks” of going through such a thing? What are “smoke alarms” and how do we recognize them? Why is the presence of fear not a sign of weak faith?

Listen in as we talk about why exhaustion and hurry aren’t badges of honor despite our culture’s stories that say otherwise. And walk away with practical and spiritual strategies and tools for overcoming fear and anxiety. We were incredibly blessed by this conversation with our sister and friend, Christy, and we believe you’ll be blessed by it too!

To learn more about Christy and the work she does you can connect with her here and on instagram. Christy’s book Nervous Breakthrough is available now for pre-order and be sure to snag your free copy of the bonus chapter!

Thank you for listening! xx

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