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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

What are the 10 best things about never having to drink again?!

Join Meade and Christy in this fun chat around just a few–10–of their favorite things about being free from alcohol. They knew things like better sleep, less brain fog, and more hydrated skin were possible by “quitting drinking” and those things would have been enough but listen along to find out what unexpected gifts they have found from not just quitting drinking but from never having to drink alcohol again. How has freedom from alcohol changed their lives for the better and in what ways does it keep getting better? What does this chat have to do with FOMO and a case of the Mondays? And because they didn’t compare lists ahead of time, what best things about freedom from alcohol made both of their lists and what were the surprise differences? This fun episode will have you chatting along with Meade and Christy as they share their lists of the 10 best things about never having to drink again. Thank you for listening! xx

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