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Unlocking Spiritual Growth: The Transformative Power of Fasting with Wendy Speake

In this heartfelt and inspiring episode, Wendy Speake ministers to women's hearts through her unique blend of storytelling and biblical life application. Wendy, author of multiple books including "The 40-Day Sugar Fast" and "The 40-Day Social Media Fast," shares her journey from hearing God's call at 18 to becoming a creative storyteller and Bible teacher. We chat about turning to God in times of struggle, the power of fasting, and the importance of replacing unhealthy desires with a deeper desire for God. We discuss how fasting can be a powerful tool for redirecting our focus toward God.

The conversation also highlights the concept of feasting on God's word, with Wendy sharing insights from her book, "The 40-Day Feast," which encourages listeners to deepen their relationship with God through intentional time in His word. She emphasizes that increasing our desire for spiritual nourishment and God's presence is more effective than simply trying to eliminate unhealthy desires. 

Wendy's approach, whether on stage or on the page, combines the power of God's word with personal testimony, meeting women in their common struggles and pointing them towards the transformative power of God's Word and the faithful nearness of His Holy Spirit. Tune in to hear Wendy's inspiring journey and gain valuable insights on turning your struggles into opportunities for spiritual growth and intimacy with God.

Check out Wendy’s Books here:

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