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Unfiltered conversation on sobriety and motherhood: with special guest Millie Mackintosh

You probably recognize Millie Mackintosh as a model, a superstar influencer, or one of the beautiful faces from "Made in Chelsea." However, once you engage in a conversation with Millie, it becomes evident that her most cherished role is that of a mum. This heartwarming interview delves deep into Millie's journey to alcohol freedom, delivering a heartfelt message that will resonate profoundly with women everywhere.

Millie openly shares her history of a fractured relationship with alcohol, dating back to her early teens. As she grew older, the anxiety and hangovers worsened, exacerbated by the pressures of being in the public eye. The pivotal moment that made her realize the detrimental impact of alcohol on her mental health during a friend's hen party is a turning point in her story. Millie's willingness to confront her relationship with alcohol serves as an inspiring testament to her commitment to self-improvement and prioritizing her mental well-being.

Throughout the conversation, Millie emphasizes the paramount importance of prioritizing self-care and deliberately scheduling downtime. This practice has become instrumental in improving her mental health. Millie's candid discussion about her recent experiences with panic attacks serves as a poignant reminder to listen to our bodies and make self-care a non-negotiable priority.

Millie sheds light on her 15-month journey of living alcohol-free, which has allowed her to confront and process her emotions, bringing her closer to her true self. This transformation has enabled her to show up as the best mum she can be, embracing her role with authenticity and dedication.

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