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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Transforming Our Podcast into a Community | Meet Our BJDW Community Sisters

After a year of podcasting, we kept receiving requests for more ways to connect with our “readers.” We felt the Lord leading us to create a community where our listeners could engage with each other on a deeper level. Through our research, we realized there wasn't a dedicated community for Christian or Jesus-curious women on an alcohol-free journey. While there were many support groups for women quitting alcohol, none brought in our ultimate source of hope, Jesus. So, we founded a unique, women-only community to help women move beyond their struggles with alcohol, supported by faith and fellowship.

Our community has flourished beyond our expectations. With weekly connection calls, expert-led masterclasses, and a dedicated Bible study, we've built strong bonds with the women who join us each week to pray, love, and support each other. We've tried to convey the essence of this community in brief podcast snippets, but we felt it was time to dedicate an entire episode to our members. We invited them to share what this community means to them, expecting maybe a couple of responses. However, we were overwhelmed by the number of women who showed up and their heartfelt testimonials. If you're interested in joining our BJDW community, follow this link to connect with us : 

The creators, hosts, and producers of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast are not healthcare practitioners and therefore do not give medical, psychological or professional advice nor do they intend for the podcast, any communication on behalf of BJDW or otherwise to be a substitute for such. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed in any mention of and/or linked resources are those of the authors/owners of those resources and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast team or guests of the show.

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