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The Dirty Truth on Social Drinking with Hadley Sorensen

Hadley Sorensen, a mother of three, lifelong runner, and writer, shares her journey from social drinking to sobriety. Her book, The Dirty Truth on Social Drinking: “Everything in Moderation” and Other BS, debunks common myths about alcohol consumption and explores the concept of 'gray area drinking.' Hadley discusses the societal pressures that fueled her drinking habits, the challenges of quitting, and how her last hangover two and a half years ago marked the beginning of a new, beautiful life. She now uses her social media platform to inspire others to realize that anyone can quit drinking at any time, for any reason—no rock bottom required.

Hadley explores the profound impact of alcohol on personal and family life, the strategies to break free from dependency, and the importance of questioning societal norms around drinking. Her insights from the book offer a relatable perspective on sobriety, emphasizing the positive changes it brings, such as improved relationships and mental clarity. This heartfelt conversation sheds light on the struggles with alcohol and celebrates the victories of living a sober life, providing hope and motivation for those on a similar path.

The creators, hosts, and producers of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast are not healthcare practitioners and therefore do not give medical, psychological or professional advice nor do they intend for the podcast, any communication on behalf of BJDW or otherwise to be a substitute for such. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed in any mention of and/or linked resources are those of the authors/owners of those resources and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the But Jesus Drank Wine podcast team or guests of the show.

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