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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Breaking Society's Expectations: Alcohol is in the Way! Special Guest Dan Jablonski

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Our guest today, Dan Jablonski, an IT executive for National Grid, joins the hopeful conversation around how freedom from alcohol leads to a life full of peace, joy and purpose. Dan dives into his personal journey to alcohol-free living, which was sparked by a significant life shift. He shares his unique perspective as the lone male in one of Meade’s coaching groups and shares about the obstacles and benefits of such a space. Our conversation with Dan explores the importance of vulnerability in overcoming struggles with alcohol and how it’s not about finding solutions, but more about finding guidance and support through coaching and shared experiences with others.

Dan shares how his drinking really changed once he became a “grown up,” trading beer and wings for the Whole Foods-esque food and wine culture, following career success and moves to the Bay area and NYC. Dan discusses his struggle with alcohol-induced insomnia and how he found support by making weekly coaching calls a priority amidst a busy corporate career schedule. This conversation emphasizes the radical honesty it takes to look at a troubled relationship with alcohol – particularly when there aren't any real outward detrimental effects to one’s life – and how that radical honesty is the most important and necessary step toward change.

Our guest Dan, who has been living alcohol-free for three years, reveals that men who are free from alcohol not only start aging in reverse, but also become the most interesting person in the room. He highlights the power of authentic conversations that emerge when one chooses not to drink.

We are so grateful for Dan’s wisdom and insights from his personal journey to freedom from insomnia by ditching booze and offers encouragement to any listener (male or female!) and assures anyone on the sobriety journey that your life can positively change too once you decide to let go of alcohol.

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