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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Look Alive, Sis: From Wine O'Clock to Awake & Aligned. With Special Guest Jenn Kautsch.

On today’s episode, we're honored to chat with Jenn Kautsch, the inspiring founder of the SoberSis community. Jenn is a pivotal voice in the "Sober Curious" movement and the author of "Look Alive, Sis." Her mission? To forge a judgment-free space where women can reassess their bond with alcohol. Jenn specializes in guiding those stuck in the "gray area" of drinking, steering them away from the mindless "wine o'clock" routine. Today, we unearth Jenn's journey, notably how she sought solace from anxiety through drinking. Together, we unravel the evolution of the 'mommy wine culture' and confront the double-edged sword of drinking to feel yet desiring numbness. Jenn elaborates on the transformative process she undertook to realign her mind, body, and spirit and how she now empowers other women to do the same. Addressing the pervasive 'mom guilt', we touch upon alcohol's illusionary promise of connection. We also touch on the undeniable power of a compelling 'why’ when starting a sobriety journey and how to find a supportive sober tribe.

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