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From New Age to New Life: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening, Redemption, and Sobriety” with special guest Caroline Dooner, Part 1

Join us for this powerful conversation over the next two episodes as our guest Caroline Dooner, a former New Age practitioner and author, shares her profound journey from the depths of the New Age movement to the embrace of Christianity. She provides a candid exploration of her Catholic upbringing, initial misunderstandings of Jesus, and the allure of the New Age's promises of personal power. Caroline discusses the darker aspects of the New Age, including encounters with a shaman and the surprising link between New Age practices and dominatrix experiences.

Delve into the spiritual power and consequences of New Age practices, as Caroline narrates her experiences with energy work, chakra healing, and the unsettling encounters with the demonic. She emphasizes the importance of discernment and surrender to God's will in navigating the complex world of spiritual beliefs. This episode serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the potential pitfalls and deceptive allure of New Age ideologies.

Caroline's journey also touches upon her exploration of conspiracy theories, leading her to question her beliefs and seek a genuine connection with God. The episode concludes with her transformative decision to quit drinking, the challenges she faced in moderation, and the ultimate realization that sobriety was the path to true well-being.


  • The New Age movement encompasses various beliefs and practices centered around seeking special knowledge about spirituality and the universe.

  • The New Age often promotes a self-centered focus, where individuals believe they can manifest their desires and become their own gods.

  • The New Age movement can be enticing due to its promises of personal power and freedom, but it can lead to spiritual confusion and a distorted understanding of God.

  • Engaging in New Age practices can open doors to spiritual influences and have unintended consequences, highlighting the importance of discernment and surrender to God's will. New Age beliefs and practices can lead to spiritual oppression and demonic encounters.

  • Energy work and chakra healing may provide temporary relief but can also open doors to negative spiritual influences.

  • Questioning and researching different belief systems can lead to a deeper understanding of the truth.

  • Surrendering to God and embracing faith can bring relief, peace, and protection from darkness. Quitting drinking can be a challenging process, but it can lead to significant physical and mental benefits.

  • Trying to moderate drinking can often be more stressful and detrimental to one's well-being than not drinking at all.

  • Overcoming social pressure to drink can be empowering and liberating.

  • Making the decision to stop drinking can be a transformative experience.

Join us again next week for the riveting conclusion of Caroline’s story and in the meantime you can connect with Caroline at, on instagram @carolinedooner and check out her fascinating and hilarious substack, Problematic at And grab a copy of both of her books The F It Diet and Tired as F.

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