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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

From Drinking Buddies to Sobriety Advocates: Our Alcohol-Fueled Journey with Amy and Matt Edwards

In this episode, we continue exploring personal stories of those who have been stuck in the over-drinking cycle. Special guests, Amy and Matt Edwards, co-hosts of the “Alcohol-Free Marriage and More” podcast, join us to discuss their journey to freedom from alcohol. They share their initial challenges transitioning from being ‘career drinkers’ to achieving an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Matt delves into health problems related to alcohol use, noting benefits of sobriety such as weight loss and improved mental clarity. They discuss the importance of being a supportive partner during this transformation, highlighting the role of communication and understanding.

Additionally, Amy and Matt explore fears about the impact of sobriety on relationships, encouraging listeners to give their spouses a chance during this transition period.

Together we explore the significance of individual commitment to becoming the best version of oneself while maintaining hope and faith on the journey to alcohol freedom. Listen along for valuable insight and tips for wherever you find yourself on the freedom from alcohol journey and for a refreshing perspective on living an authentic, joyful and purposeful life.

To learn more about Amy and Matt you can visit Amy’s website here. And be sure to check out their “Alcohol Free Marriage and More” podcast here.

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