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Flipping the Script | Make Your Move From Broken To Brilliant with Brittany Estes

Today, we welcome the beautiful (inside and out) Brittany Estes, a renowned life coach, speaker, and author, to the podcast. In this captivating episode, Brittany shares her poignant journey of overcoming false narratives about worth and embracing a life of freedom and authenticity.

Brittany delves into the transformative power of identifying and challenging the lies we often internalize about ourselves. Drawing from her acclaimed book Flip the Script, she illuminates the profound impact of replacing negative self-talk with God's truth.

Brittany emphasizes the crucial role of parents in demonstrating healthy beliefs and behaviors for their children, stressing the significance of doing the inner work to liberate them from the chains of self-doubt and insecurity. From body image issues to the pervasive belief of not being enough, Brittany provides practical tools and invaluable insights to empower listeners to cultivate a positive, truth-filled mindset and embrace their inherent worth.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of gratitude, the importance of acknowledging the impact of our words and actions on others, and the liberating journey of flipping the script to embrace a life of freedom. Whether you're a parent striving to model healthy beliefs for your children or an individual yearning to break free from the chains of self-doubt, this episode provides a roadmap to reclaiming your truth and living a life filled with hope and truth.

You can find Brittany Estes on instagram at @jbrittanyestes and you can order “Flip The Script, Make Your Move From Broken To Brilliant” here.

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