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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Escaping the Prison of Your Own Mind: A Powerful Transformation Story with Jeff Salzenstein

In this episode, Meade and Christy welcome Jeff Salzenstein, a former professional tennis player and now keynote speaker and performance and leadership coach. Jeff shares his journey through the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, overcoming adversity and his dedication to achieving optimal performance physically, mentally and emotionally.

Not only does Jeff’s story highlight the power of limiting beliefs and how connecting to the mind and body are critical for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals, but also he shares his personal story related to alcohol, the effects it had on his life before alcohol freedom and the tragic effects alcohol had on his brother’s life.

Hear how Jeff’s “golden child” persona masked the insecurities that initially led him to drink and how he finally found alcohol freedom. And hear why he says that freedom from alcohol is less about the duration of time and more about the depth of self-discovery involved. Also hear Jeff share his brother, Eric’s story and battle with drug and alcohol addiction, highlighting how you don’t have to be in actual prison to be imprisoned when it comes to the power of our minds.

Jeff’s insights from his own life and through that of his brother’s, emphasize the prospects of change at any stage in life and how the pain endured contributes to personal growth and freedom. We are so grateful for Jeff’s vulnerable and generous sharing in this episode and for the inspiration we know it provides for anyone listening who is feeling stuck in the cycle of over-drinking.

To learn more about Jeff and the work he does you can visit his website here.

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