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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Do non-drinkers secretly judge people who drink alcohol?

Back when we were stuck in the over-drinking cycle we had all these ideas about what it would be like to be a non-drinker. Like, people who don’t drink are judging those who do.

Turns out there are a lot of misconceptions about non-drinkers floating around that are not only not true but can be pointing to some underlying fears that may be keeping you stuck in the over-drinking cycle.

For today’s episode (just like we did in episode 15, What are the 10 best things about never having to drink again) we both came up with our lists of the most common misconceptions about non-drinkers and then we reviewed our lists live with each other in the pod studio.

Listen along as we explore: do non-drinkers secretly judge their friends who drink? Are non-drinkers anti-alcohol evangelists? Do non-drinkers feel deprived when around others who drink? Are non-drinkers anti-social and boring?

Not only might the answers surprise you but you may find yourself having an exceptionally good time listening to this – we had an exceptionally good time recording this one!

Did we leave any out? We’d love to hear from you if so. Holler at us on the 'gram or over in the But Jesus Drank Wine-free community!

Thank you for listening! xx

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