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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Did Jesus Drink Wine? With Special Guest Pastor David

It's NEW POD MONDAY! Today we have a very special guest, Meade’s pastor, David Walters, resident biblical scholar, to answer one of the most common questions we receive: did Jesus drink wine or not? What does the Bible say about this and does it really matter?

David courageously tackles this question, and many others like: What is the meaning of “take our thoughts captive.”

How do we find the truth for the stories that keep us stuck?

Why is the heart mentioned 800 times in the Bible, and how does that relate to calling out the stories and the lies we believe?

What is a false idol, and what does that have to do with addiction?

And what do kids and CrossFit have to do with this conversation?

Listen along as David so generously shares his vast spiritual and practical wisdom and applications to guide us on the journey to freedom from alcohol or from anything that is taking up too much space in our lives. And be sure to listen to the end, as you won’t want to miss this episode’s “tiny TINA.” It might just be the most brilliant yet!

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