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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Can wine ever be “clean?” Special Guest: Veronica Valli

oin us for a captivating episode featuring Veronica Valli, a true force in the world of sobriety and psychotherapy. With an impressive track record of 23 years of sobriety and 18 years of experience as a psychotherapist, Veronica is fiercely dedicated to unraveling the deceptive web surrounding alcohol, including the "clean wine" con.

Prepare for an eye-opening conversation as we dive headfirst into the smoke and mirrors created by Big Alcohol as they attempt to infiltrate the wellness industry with their misleading claims of "healthier" alcohol. We expose some of the most egregious culprits behind these marketing scams, shining a light on Avaline, the brainchild of Cameron Diaz, which cunningly highlights its use of organic grapes and minimal additives. But that's not all – we also unveil the audacity of "Mom Water," a tantalizing fruit-infused vodka water that boasts zero carbonation, sugar, carbs, and gluten.

Together, we challenge the essence of labeling alcohol as "clean," even when it originates from organic grapes and lacks sugar. We ask, “Who truly benefits?" when women succumb to these marketing tactics.

But that's not all – we explore the mental bandwidth that alcohol consumes in our lives. And we chat about how to recognize the signs when alcohol begins to occupy an excessive amount of headspace and how that keeps us living up to our full potential.

Curious to learn more about Veronica? Visit, and don't forget to grab a copy of her book, "Soberful: Uncover A Sustainable Fulfilling Life Free of Alcohol," available on Amazon.

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