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  • Christy Osborne & Meade Holland Shirley

Are you really drinking because your bored???

Today, we dive deep into a story we have heard numerous times from clients: “I drink because I’m bored.” And although we’re talking about boredom, this is not a boring episode. In fact, we couldn’t stop laughing all the way through.

We explore the concept of boredom and how idle time can be perceived as a gift, providing an opportunity for reflection and creativity. We discuss how moments of stillness can naturally morph into prayer time, creating a constant, meaningful conversation that enhances our relationship with Jesus.

We also discuss the flipside of the boredom issue: drinking to make boring things bearable. We touch upon the societal and internal pressures, especially as mothers, to engage in activities (like PTA meetings) that might not be genuinely enjoyable or fulfilling. And how we thought alcohol helped us make the unbearable, bearable.

A pivotal point in our discussion revolves around the stories we tell ourselves about what we "should" do and how these "shoulds" often stem from shame or external expectations. Meade coaches Christy through a role-play scenario, revealing how these internal narratives can be challenged and reshaped to align more authentically with our true desires and values.

Our conversation also illuminates how stepping into an alcohol-free lifestyle can reveal activities that we don’t genuinely enjoy and how it frees up time for more what really matters.

We end today’s episode with a tactic to embrace stillness and live more consciously. This episode is a deep dive into the relationship between boredom and drinking and a broader exploration of living intentionally and mindfully amidst societal pressures.

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